Pow Specialty Equipment - "Make something smart and reliable"

We build engineered structures, equipment, prototypes and components for our customers.

Custom Equipment

High Cycle Production Lifts
Automated People Movers
Automated Production Seats
Robot End of Arm Tooling
Torque Tools and Lift Assists 
Automated Guided Carts 
Automated Cart-Rack Transfers
Stamping Press Transfers 
High Cycle Scissor Lifts 
High Cycle Turntables 
Glass Cells Lift Assists
Roll Over Protection Structures and Enclosed Cabs (ROPS/ROPS)

Underground Trucks
Underground Low Haul Dumps
Utility Vehicles for Mining
Tracked Construction Vehicles
Tracked Drilling Rigs
Scalar for Mining 
Open Pit Heavy Water Tank Trucks
Open Pit Tow Haulers - Low Boys

ROPS Testing for OEMs
FOPS Testing for OEMs
Critical Structures, Components
and Prototyping

Lightweight Structures
Steel and Aluminum

Replacement Structures and Components 
with Improved Life

Rail Systems, Trolleys and Carriers

 Custom Booms, Masts and Attachments

Custom Vehicle Chassis and Suspensions