Pow Technologies

We are experts at the design, simulation, testing and inspection of dynamically loaded structures.

We have decades of experience with computer simulations and testing. 

Automotive Industry 

Assembly, Paint, Weld and Stamping Depts
Engineered Structures and Equipment

Mobile Equipment 
& Suspensions 

OEMs and Component Suppliers
Highway, Off-Road and Heavy Hauling
Industrial, Energy, Oil and Gas

OEMs, Contractors and Fabricators
Structures and Equipment
CWB Welding Engineering - W47.1 and W47.2
W178.1 Inspection

Extreme Structures 

OEMs and Owners
Design and Repair of Critical Structures for 
Reliability and Safety
Mining Industry 

Open Pit and Underground
Structures and Equipment
100+ ROPS Designs and FOPS Designs

Lifting Devices, Transfers
& Vehicle Conveyance

OEM's and Owners
Design, Failure Analysis and Redesign