Industries Served

Pow Engineering specializes in the design, analysis, modeling, testing, and supply of equipment and structural solutions for clients across many industries. We take pride in the range and difficulty of our projects, as well as our ability to incorporate our high-end technologies to deliver innovative, yet practical solutions to site. Our areas of expertise allow for a range of exposure to various design and supply projects. We take tremendous pride in our aggressive mindset to take on new challenges made possible by our employees, reputation, office environment and the range and quality of our client base.We believe in transferring innovative engineering technologies and knowledge across industries. This provides us with the ability to provide our expertise on Dynamically Loaded Systems in many different and niche industries.

We are broken into groups that specialize in different types of projects:

Building Design and Restoration


Educational Buildings

Places of Worship

Heritage Designation – Buildings and Monuments

Government Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Industrial Buildings

Project Management | Site Administration

Architecture | Engineering

Critical Equipment and Structures

mechanical & structural engineers



Mining, Energy, Oil, and Gas

Mobile Equipment

Public Works, Transportation, and Infrastructure

Specialty Projects

Design | Analysis | Simulation

Testing | Inspection | Build

Institutional | Worship 

  Municipal | Heritage 


Analysis | Optimization | Welding

Inspection | Simulation

 Specialty Structure Design

Critical Equipment & Tooling

Steel Structures

Turnkey Integration