Industries Served

Pow Engineering specializes in the design, analysis, modeling, testing, and supply of equipment and structural solutions for clients across many industries. We take pride in the range and difficulty of our projects, as well as our ability to incorporate our high-end technologies to deliver innovative, yet practical solutions to site. Our areas of expertise allow for a range of exposure to various design and supply projects. We take tremendous pride in our aggressive mindset to take on new challenges made possible by our employees, reputation, office environment and the range and quality of our client base.We believe in transferring innovative engineering technologies and knowledge across industries. This provides us with the ability to provide our expertise on Dynamically Loaded Systems in many different and niche industries.

We are broken into groups that specialize in different types of projects:

Building Design and Restoration


Pow Peterman Consulting Engineers and Marklevitz Architects are the Engineers and Architects on record for many different schoolboards in Southwestern Ontario. We are responsible for additions, condition assessment and remediation, new schools and daycares, etc.

With a vast experience with working on and repairing old buildings, places of worship became a natural place for Pow Peterman and Marklevitz to operate in. We have been involved in structural assessment and repair of the buildings structure and masonry, new church spires, additions, renovations, etc. 

Pow Peterman has spent the last 25 years working on heritage designated sites. We have inhouse CAHP Experts. Some projects include the Brock Monument, Lighthouses, Courthouses, Libraries, Historical Forts, and War Monuments.  

With the majority of Government Buildings being old, our work for munipal, provincial, and government entities has been a regular part of POW’s building division. Pow is often contacted to assess the condition of a building as well as take the proper steps to remediate any damage or safety concerns attributed with an old structure.

Architecture and Engineering work required for new buildings, building additions, renovations, or repurpose,

With a vast amount of POW’s divisions operating in Automotive and other Industries. We find ourselves providing civil engineering, design, inspection, and certification required for the structures and equipment that experience large loads carried throughout a manufacturing facility. Ie. Footings for Steel Structures and Pits

Project Management | Site Administration

Architecture | Engineering

Critical Equipment and Structures

mechanical & structural engineers

Pow Specialty Equipment and Pow Technologies have been involved in different aspects of Aerospace. Using our knowledge of structures, equipment, and manufacturing processes. We have performed consulting work, engineering work, and supply of custom equipment used for production or airports. 

Pow’s Industrial Engineering and Design-Build divisions have spent a vast amount of time studying and  understanding automotive production. We are involved in structural, mechanical, civil, welding, and automation engineering. We also perform design-build and integration of custom equipment and large steel structures.

Please visit our Manufacturing Structures and Equipment Page for more information 

POW spent a large portion of its life performing work for these sectors. This has included the design and analysis of custom drilling equipment including 24ft diameter Raised Bore Drills, steel structures, mobile equipment components, ROPS/FOPS, and aftermarket parts. We have been involved in the design, analysis and build of custom equipment and structures found in Mining, Energy, Oil, & Gas

Our history of analyzing and testing mobile equipment led us to our understanding on how dynamic loads affect a system. This includes analysis, field testing, and design on vehicle components or the design of custom mobile equipment to serve specific purposes for Mining, Construction, Transportation, and Military.

We find ourselves working on projects where there is a system that requires extensive structural and mechanical expertise. We design, analyze, test/inspect, modify, and build custom solutions for mechanical and structural systems including: Moveable Bridges, Large Gantry Cranes, Tuned Mass Dampers, and other structural-mechanical dependent systems.

On some projects, they are also deemed to be heritage designation, allowing POW to use their CAHP experts who have worked on Heritage Projects and understand the special considerations required.

With a diverse set of engineering and analysis expertise, design-build capabilities, BIM Integration, and Commissioning. We are an excellent source for specialty one-of-a-kind structures and equipment. This includes fully automated Wind Tunnels that use a CLT and Steel Hybrid Structure, the CN Tower Edgewalk, Simex Iwerks Entertainment Rides, Large custom moving sunroofs for crowned princes, and many more!


We always love approaching new challenges with our industry experience. This allows us to provide solutions that work as they were supposed to, right out of the gate. 

Design | Analysis | Simulation

Testing | Inspection | Build

Institutional | Worship 

  Municipal | Heritage 


Analysis | Optimization | Welding

Inspection | Simulation

 Specialty Structure Design

Critical Equipment & Tooling

Steel Structures

Turnkey Integration