Turnkey Integration

Life-Cycle and Reliability Analysis and Optimization

Inspection, Field Testing, and Remediation

Process Consultation

Automation and Controls

Pow Specialty Equipment

Our core competency is the Design, Build and Analysis of Dynamically Loaded Equipment and Structures. These capabilities have been developed through 30+ years of evaluating fatigue failures of various equipment and structures found in OEM Plants that see the highest cyclical loading profiles.  

Each of our designs are custom tailored to the specific vehicle(s), part, conveyance, and process. We have extensive experience with the Toyota Production System and other lean assembly processes. We have a proven track record for reliable timing, engineering excellence, and quality assured fabrication.

We have in house structural, mechanical, civil, controls, and welding experts




Sandvik Mining

Daifuku Corporation



General Motors



Timeline of Experience

How we expanded our knowledge and capabilities throughout a Manufacturing Facility to provide fully turnkey engineered solutions that are simple, effective, reliable, and safe.

(See below for different design-build categories)

1966 – Multi-Disciplined Engineering

1992 – Reliability & Fatigue Life Analysis, Testing, Optimization, and Certification on high-cycled critical equipment, vehicle transfers, carriers, and conveyance systems

1997 – Quality Assurance, CMM, Welding Engineering, NDT, and Field Inspection

2001 – Design-Build of Critical Assembly Equipment (Automated and Non-Automated)

2008 – Design-Build of Part Conveyance Delivery, Prep, Buffer, and Sub-Assembly Systems

2012 – Lightweight Materials, Design, and Fatigue Resistance 

2013 – Design, Analysis and Supply of Large Overhead and Floor Mounted Steel Structures

2014 – Stamping Crossbars, Robotic Dojos, and EOAT

2015 – Virtual Site Documentation, 3D Scanning, BIM Management, and Integration 

2016 – Design, Prototyping, and Supply of Overhead Carriers (Vehicle, IP, and Door)

2021 – In-House Controls Systems Engineering Team added to POW. Providing programming, controls. and panel building capabilities.

Areas of Expertise

Value Added Expertise - Full Service Turnkey Projects

Process Design, Mechanical, Structural, Controls, Welding, Civil, and Virtual Simulation We have in-house engineers and trusted partners for projects

Our Engineering Horsepower is used to perform analysis, design, and build of our supplied equipment and structures. We also perform life-cycle analysis, and certification on existing equipment or equipment coming overseas.

Core competency that allows us to understand, predict, and optimize systems in order to develop solutions that are right the first time.

Analysis of Dynamically Loaded and High-Cycled Systems to ensure the strength and reliability is not compromised.

Strain Gauge Testing

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Dynamic and Static Analysis

Life Cycle/ Fatigue Life

Accelerometer Analysis and Assessment

Buckling Analysis

Failure Analysis

Structural Analysis

Non Linear & Linear Analysis

Stability Testing

Proven ability to simulate processes and loads in a virtual environment in order to get predictable results. Includes Motion Studies, CFD Analysis, Dynamic Loading Simulations, etc.

Ability to keep large systems lightweight while maintaining strength and reliability. We also use metallurgy processes such as Ultrasonic Impact Treatment

We have systems and software set up to quickly turn our accepted designs into fabrication drawings in order to keep project efficiencies and steel moving from our fabrication shops to site

Division 1 shop, in house welding procedure engineers, welding retainers for over 150 fabrication shops in south-western Ontario, Ultrasonic Impact Treatment to improve the strength and fatigue life of weldments on new or existing systems

Ability to keep to timelines, manage and coordinate our responsibilities with other stakeholders in the project. Coordination with Site and Fabrication to provide JIT delivery of assemblies with highest install priority.

Different tools to manage site conditions, interferences, and installation tolerances. Includes 3D Scanners, Laser Installation Trackers, BIM Management, Photogrammetry, Commercial Drone Pilots, etc.