AMR/AGV Modification and Process Integration

We provide the engineering, analysis, and build of custom AMR and AGV attachments used for a large variety of tasks in different industries. We don’t just take responsibility of providing a custom attachment, we also provide additional conveyance equipment, lift assists, and storing/retrieval systems necessary removing non value added labour.

Featured Project - Tote Delivery System

picture of an agv modification

Description of Attachment:

Lifting fork attachment to pick tote boxes from a flow rack and deliver autonomously.  The OTTO will stop in front of the source rack and lift to a programmed height set point.  Once at height it will enter the rack to pick the tote boxes.  Upon backing out from the rack the forks lower and the unit proceeds to the destination rack in a similar fashion, the custom forklift AMR delivers the full tote boxes and picks the empty boxes for return to the source rack.  Maximum fork capacity is 40kg the tote box size can be customized as well as the number of boxes transported per delivery.


With the addition of call buttons or sensors a “pull” system can be implemented and a single unit can deliver common tote sizes to and from multiple flow racks.  This will reduce non-value added manpower required for conveyance and improve just in time delivery between workstations.  With flow rack buffer, workstation up time is maximized and minor stoppages reduced to minimize impact on overall system throughput.

Other Notes:

The delivery system can consist of one or more identical AMR vehicles, which then is refer to as a fleet. The fleet can deliver to one or more set of source/destination racks if the tote box size is common.  When a part that requires a unique tote box size is introduced to the system there will need to be a dedicated appliance for the new size.  Workflow is adaptable with custom flow racks that are using over/under or side by side delivery style.  We can provide turnkey solutions that include racks, appliances, site installation, and mission programming.