Overhead Carriers

Design | Reliability and Life-Cycle Analysis | Prototyping | Non-Destructive Testing | Inspection | Design-Build 

Assessment of Existing Equipment for Hybrid Vehicle Transition

Overhead Conveyor and Lifter Studies for Heavier Vehicle Model

Assembly and Paint Shop – Carrier Design, Body Contact, Rail and Supports, Header System, Roof Trusses

  • Carrier concept review and design for HV/EV vehicles due to dramatically changing loading and/or CofG
  • Determination of Carrier Weldments needing replacement for geometric or loading requirements
  • Finite Element Analysis and Fatigue life estimation of existing equipment.  Review of stress and deflections
  • Assessment and redesign of vehicle contact pads for Carriers and Lifters
  • Review of Conveyor Rail Support spacing for increased Power and Free loading
  • P.Eng. review of conveyor support Header steel for new Vehicle/Carrier loading
  • Development of Roof Truss Loading for overhead systems
  • Roof Truss Analysis for Plantwide loading.  Development of Repair Details

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