Delivery, Buffer, and Integrated Sub-Assembly Conveyors

Custom Design-Build, Turnkey Integration, Modifications, and Repurpose

We provide part conveyance, sub-assembly, and line-side delivery systems to OEMs. For example, these systems could have positioners, rotators, indexing systems, automated torque tooling stations, and returns. We also have the expertise to provide turnkey integration of a full cell that may require lift assists, nut runners, reaction arms, and supporting structural work.  

Recent Projects

Inverter Chuter

Features: 3 Lane, with Elevator below for empty cassette return

Tailgate/Hatch Minomi Conveyance

Integrated AGV with Automated Return

Up and Over Conveyor

Features: Elevators, Empty Cassette Return (Karakuri)

delivery systems with integrated lift assists and postioners

FMS Conveyor

Features: Automated Top Level Accumulation, Bottom Level Return, PLC Controlled, Positioners, and Indexing System, Feeds Line-side Conveyors

manufacturing delivery system design and build

Inverter Chuter

Features: 3 lanes, turntable, elevator underside for empty cassette return, PLC Controlled

sub assembly line for automotive components

FMS Build Conveyor

Features: Automated, PLC Controlled, Chain Conveyor, Auto-Tightening Cell, Compact Spiral Lifts, Positioners, and Returns

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