Custom Process Equipment for EV or One-of-a-Kind Equipment

Custom Design-Build, Turnkey Integration, Modifications, and Repurpose

With the introduction of electric vehicles into the consumer markets. There are heavier loads and custom processes that now take place in throughout an electric vehicle OEM than what has not traditionally been prevalent for Internal Combustion Vehicles. Our combined value offering has allowed POW to provide EV Startups with reliable equipment and structures that are tailored to Electric Vehicles.

Featured Projects

picture of a battery marriage gantry system

Battery Marriage Gantry 

Pow Specialty Equipment was contracted by an EV OEM to help with a bottleneck in their battery marriage process. POW was able to use our structural analysis, life-cycle optimization, and mechanical design capabilities to provide a reliable result that removed said bottleneck

Golden Wheel Aparatus 

POW was responsible for actuator/jack portion that engages with the golden wheel and puts the suspension through its range of motion a number of times. This photo was taken from a Bloomberg article discussing the challenges of inventing new equipment specific to production

Carbon Fiber Jigs and Fixtures

Custom lightweight fixtures and jigs for a wide range of applications