Conveyance Systems - Lifts, Transfers, and Drives

Design-Build, Analysis, Inspection, Testing, Rebuild, and Supply of New Conveyance or Existing Transfers, Lifts, and Drives

Featured Project

Assessment of Existing Equipment for Hybrid Vehicle Transition

Overhead Conveyor and Lifter Studies for Heavier Vehicle Model

Assembly and Paint Shop – Carrier Design, Body Contact, Rail and Supports, Header System, Roof Trusses

  • Carrier concept review and design for HV/EV vehicles due to dramatically changing loading and/or CofG
  • Determination of Carrier Weldments needing replacement for geometric or loading requirements
  • Finite Element Analysis and Fatigue life estimation of existing equipment.  Review of stress and deflections
  • Assessment and redesign of vehicle contact pads for Carriers and Lifters
  • Review of Conveyor Rail Support spacing for increased Power and Free loading
  • P.Eng. review of conveyor support Header steel for new Vehicle/Carrier loading
  • Development of Roof Truss Loading for overhead systems
  • Roof Truss Analysis for Plantwide loading.  Development of Repair Details

Project Examples

robotic end of arm tooling

Robotic Vehicle Component Transfer EOAT

Replacement End of Arm Tooling for multiple parts that merged two task locations into one

slat conveyor repair

Slat Conveyor Rebuild

refurbishment and analysis of a vertical drop lifter

Drop Lifter Weld Inspection, Field Testing, FEA Analysis, and Rebuild

3D scan of automotive transfer system

Preliminary 3D Scan of Sub Lifter and Carrier Transfer Process before New Model Analysis and Rebuild

slat conveyor weld inspection

Slat Conveyor Inspection

Design-Build Scissor Lift

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